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    people have them...why so secretive...and hp...*** you obviously had everything ready down to packaging.. Just toss the babies out into the wild!
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    Craigslist doesn't help much unless you live in san francisco.
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    dude, just man up, get one on ebay. 600$, and you will be happy. i did it. and i feel SOOOO MUCH BETTER.. im sick of staring at those auctions wondering if i am ever going to buy one, wondering reading all these people here raving about how badazz it is, how much faster, and better it is..

    F-that crap, get one. and be happy. HP may not be selling any more to hp employees.. But again, you never know. you snooze you may just end up losing..
    i didnt, and wont let that happen. not with this amazing device.
    Nokia 3210 > TRACPHONE? > SAMSUNG E330 > HTC DASH > LG VX8350 > PALM PRE+ > HP PRE3 VZW

    Yes, the HP PRE 3 is amazing, Yes its fast, Yes it was a dumb move for HP to cancel it, YES its worth the price, If you have been reading this so far, you should have one sitting on your computer desk next to you, smiling. Enjoying the best purchase ever.
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    I really am considering going that route. Besides, if I sell my Pre 2 for 150-180 that'll help make up for the price.
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    It's time to start studying ebay behaviour. I did that for 4 days before managing to snag mine! En route now
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    Well, there are now listings at $500 bucks. Perhaps in a week or so they'll be down to $400
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    Better hurry up and get one, the Palm store is closed forever now, no more Pre 3's, end of the run.

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