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    Hi all,

    I just switched from HTC Desire to Pre 3 and absolutely love it.
    One thing I could not find out is how to switch off the Mobile Internet. Not the WiFi (that part I got) but the Internet witch I get from my mobile network. I constantly get the "G" icon on top of the display.
    With my HTC Desire I was able to switch both the WiFi and Mobile Internet off, is that not the case with the Pre 3?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, I could not find an appropriate topic discussing that.
    Thanks a lot, guys.
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    You should go to dial pad, preferences, there is a toggle data there, switch it off
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    There is a patch for that.

    Go to Preware and look for Data in Device Menu patch.

    Works great for me.
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    The "standard" but not-so-intuitive way is as crowning73 said... Other option is to use the patch as Tholap says, and a third option would be downloading the toggle data app. The three do the same, switch mobile data on/off.

    I haven't tested the patch, all I know is that certain patches seem to interfere between them, so, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $when$ $you$ $install$ $a$ $patch$ $you$ $have$ $to$ $check$ $if$ $everything$ $is$ $working$ $ok$ $before$ $installing$ $another$, $just$ $in$ $case$ $your$ $new$ $installed$ $patch$ $doesn$'$t$ $like$ $other$ $installed$ $patches$.

    On the other hand, the patch allows to switch data on/off in a similar way to wifi or bluetooth, using the Device Menu.

    You choose
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    Just coming back from work.

    Thanks for the help, guys. Did what crowning73 suggested and that did the trick.

    Again- thanks.

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