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    Please forgive the basic level of this question. I received a Pre3 (AT&T) with an unlock code. I went to a TMobile store for a sim card, installed it, and entered the unlock code. I was then prompted to set up my HP profile. I attempted to do so and received the following 2 messages on the screen: "Profile Creation Failed" and "This may be due to low network coverage or the phone settings on your SIM card need to be entered manually". I was prompted to "Try Again" or "Enter Phone Settings". I tried again several times without success. When I select "Enter Phone Settings" I am taken to a screen where I can alter the Internet APN (which is; Username: Handspring), and the MMS APN (which is also and Username: hs_null). Each username has a password associated with it. I cannot view the passwords. I have not made any changes to these Internet or MMS APN settings for fear of causing an irreversible problem. Can you please advise?

    This is my first phone with a SIM card. Did I make a mistake by using a T-Mobile card rather than an ATT one? (I think I naively assumed that sim cards were interchangeable. The T-Mobile store was more convenient to get to, but I can get an ATT card if this will resolve the problem).

    This will not be my primary smartphone. I have a PrePlus on Verizon that still works fine. But I wanted to at least get the Pre3 up & running at a basic level for now. I would like to use it for international travel (U.K. specifically).

    Thank you in advance for any and all assistance!
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    I use H2o Wireless, but I had to manually delete the Pre 3's default username and password settings for activation to work. After you manually delete them, it should say "undefined".
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    I have done as suggested removing APN username & Password. The problem persists.

    Any further suggestions out there!?

    Thank you so much.


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