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    As the subjects reads, since a couple of days I'm surprised that messages from my Hotmail account (through Exchange) won't dissapear after deleting them from the web page. New mail arrives, but old deleted mails from both the inbox and thrash folder stay forever, through reboots even.

    Should I wait and expect the sync problem solves itself, hoping there's something wrong in hotmail?
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    Did you also empty the "Deleted Items" folder?

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    Did you also empty the "Deleted Items" folder?
    Of course, otherwise, I wouldn't be complaining: Messages deleted in Hotmail's web are still present in my Pre 3, no matter the folder. Luckily, I'm still able to delete them in the Pre 3, but this is weird, and began to happen just a copule of days ago.

    Guess what? I have Precentral forums send me e-mail whenever a subscribed thread has new responses. After replying you, I deleted that e-mail notification in Hotmail and... It got deleted in my Pre 3. So I guess YOU have fixed my problem! How did you do it? :-D

    But I still have e-mails in my Pre 3 that for sure no longer exist, anywhere, in Hotmail...
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