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    My brand spankin' new AT&T HP Pre 3 just arrived in the mail (YAY!!!). Getting ready to set it up and wondering whether to set it up on my old Pre 2's Palm Profile or on my Touchpad's WebOS profile. Anyone out there with similar circumstances who can offer recommendations. For example, are there benefits to the Pre 3 and TP being on the same profile beyond sharing apps (e.g., using SMS on both, Touch To Share, etc.).

    Thanks in advance for your help and advice!
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    I don't think it makes any difference which profile you use for connecting because bluetooth is used for that. I would use the Pre 2 profile so all of your contacts and apps will carry over to your Pre 3. When I switched over from my Pre to my Pre 3 everything carried over, contacts, bookmarks and all of the apps that were compatible with 2.2.3.
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    I guess I would say you should have put your touchpad in your pre2 profile, then put your pre3 in that profile as well (replacing the pre2). but that ship has sailed, (unless you're willing to wipe your touchpad and re-join it to your Pre2 profile), so I guess it just comes down to which profile you want to have shared apps with. if the pre2 is your current phone, you'd probably want to put the pre3 in that profile so that it gets your current data, contacts and apps.
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    I had read somewhere that both your TouchPad and Pre3 (or Veer if it is ever updated) need to be using the same webOS profile in order to use Touch to Share. Of course that means you can't drop a TTS web page on my TouchPad from your Pre3, but that's probably a pretty rare use case what with the current state of webOS...

    I am still awaiting my Pre3 (just shipped today), so can't confirm that.
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    If you don't have a lot of paid apps on your TouchPad couldn't you go into Reset Options in Device Informantion and select Erase Apps & Data and then restart your TouchPad and sign in under your Pre 2 account?

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