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    Hi all,

    Apologies if this issue has been covered (i did search!) but i just received my new Pre 3 (yay!). Unfortunately my jubilation was short lived as the phone will not even boot into the start up bit to allow me to create a new profile (so webos doctor is no option as its not listed in my palm profile!). It just sits at the HP logo and doesn't progress, and I know the phone has a notoriously slow boot up cycle, but ive waited over 30 minutes on 3 seperate occasions and it still did nothing. As a last resort i even tried it without a sim card in but that resulted in the same response.

    Anyone had a similar issue, or any advice? I really hope its not DOA as I'm not likely to get a replacement
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    All the webOS doctors are also available on the webOS Internals wiki here

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    Did you try a battery pull?

    If that doesnt work, then I'd doctor it, as suggested above.
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