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    You know what happens when you change an ESN? You get an irreversible brick for a phone and reported by the cell phone carrier when you try to activate it. Why do you think there are "Bad ESN" phones all over eBay that can't be activated by any means? They've been banned from being used ever again, that's why. Whether it's stolen, cloned, or spoofed, they're no longer usable.

    If that's the route you'd like to go, go for it and take your chances. Just take any conversation regarding ESN spoofing and/or cloning elsewhere; talk about illegal activities doesn't jive here.
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    Best bet would be to see if a sprint rep can manually activate it, which is doubtful but worth a shot. The AT&T one will never work, different radios.
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    I have a new AT&T Pre3 sitting here, and am on Sprint (currently running a FrankenPre2).

    The Verizon Pre3 has a SIM slot which means it's got both CDMA and GSM capabilities. What I want to know is if the AT&T Pre3 also has CDMA capabilities. In other words, did they just build one phone type (Like iPhone 4S)? If so, that means all we have to do is figure out how to change the firmware/tokens/doctor, then flash a Sprint MEID into it.

    This is doable on the old Qualcomm MSM6801 used in the Pre/+/2, but I have no idea about it on the new chipset in the Pre3.
    The main board on the Pre 3 has markings which indicate there are four different versions: Verizon, AT&T, EU and TAB (don't know what that one is), so I assume the board circuitry is different, since the modem firmware is on the flash memory daughterboard.

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