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    Isn't it gorilla glass? I wouldn't bother. Even if it's run-of-the-mill glass I wouldn't bother. It would take quite something to scratch a glass screen.
    It's not that hard as you think. I had the phone in my pocket with a few, and i do mean few, left over grains of sand from the beach and it did a job on the screen. All it takes is something hard and some friction for a scratch to occur. They are not too deep, however still present.
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    how do you apply these screen protectors? when i had iphone, i use to have power support screen protectors and they didn't need any gel.
    that's my only concern i don't want to leave anything on the screen if i want to take it off
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    Thanks for the pictures. It looks great on the Pre 3. Just ordered mine a couple hours ago. How long did it take for it to get to your house?
    Two days across the Europe
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    Last resort, you could always get a screen protector for a larger phone or tablet and carefully cut it to size with a craft knife.
    I modified a screen protector I had laying around from my old EVO Shift 4G (same 3.6 inch WVGA resolution). It was a little too long and a bit too wide at the top. Its not perfect but much better than without (had to cut a hold for the earpiece).
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