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    My primary phone is google voice, which I now have forwarding to my pre 3.

    I'd prefer to use the webos's built in messaging functionality rather than a 3rd party like Voogle, and what I've been doing is texting someone first through Voogle, getting a response back, then adding that direct access number to my existing contact. This works perfect because the messaging app remembers the last texted number.

    Three questions:
    1) This same direct access number can be used for calls, right ? If I call that number, my outgoing number will be my google voice number.
    2) There's no other way to receive a direct access number mapping outside of getting a text back, yes ?
    3) Do these mappings ever expire ? is it a time thing, or an action (deactivating from your GV account, for example)? I'd hate to send a text I have destined to, say, my girlfriend end up going to a stranger.

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    1- yes
    2- only way is by receiving a text, yes
    3- I used to have the same setup as you before sprint and gv became integrated (rly rly rly miss this now on att) and I did have some of my contacts GV numbers change into a different number. This only happened once, but it happened to all my contacts, had to slowly delete everyone's old number and add new ones. Was a pain. No idea why.

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