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    Using Skype for foreign calls on my Pre3 gets annoying, because there is no country code for f.ex. Denmark (+45).
    I can not ask everybody I know to put "+45" in their phonenumber, therefore Skype starts calling the number, even if it's a danish phone number.

    I do not know how to write code myself, maybe someone could help me, and everyone else outside official release countries ?

    thank you !!
    WebOS still makes sense.
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    Wow, der er flere end kun mine to Pre 3 i Danmark
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    but i need the Code for Austria :-) (+43)

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    I think someone made a patch for Australia. Would it be too difficult to expand it into a general prefix patch?
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    @marjodp thank you; ive been looking for that for so long!
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    Thanks for info... But I can not find denmark on that list ?
    WebOS still makes sense.

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