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    I am using an activated ATT Pre3 with preware, etc but I still have my Sprint Pre- with a few things on it that I would like to have on the Pre3 like memos.

    I have a different Palm Profile for each phone and I can't get it in my head, sorry-noob,
    how the best way to get some of the stuff off the Pre- and onto the Pre3 without
    losing some of the Pre 3 preware, etc and having to reinstall all that on the Pre3 again.

    I'm sure many have done this before and there has to be an easier way than me messing up my Pre3 or wiping the Pre- before I get the stuff off.

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    The easiest way is to reinstall the Pre3 with the old profile and prevent the Pre- from being wiped (but disabling app catalog access for that device).

    You could have a look at Save/Restore. That works for some things... but if you still have 1.4.5 on the Pre- it most probably can't do anything "system specific" like memos, so only settings of 3rd party apps can be transferred... But you can use it to ease the reinstall of homebrew software on the pre3 if you wipe it.

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