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    Hey guys,

    Im at lost for which Pre 3 to buy. I live in the United States and have Tmobile as a carrier - and occasionally fly over seas to the Middle East. Which one is best for me? Should I get a ATT Pre 3/ Verizon Pre 3/ or a UK version?

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    With Tmobile you won't get 3G on either phone. Overseas you may get 3G with one or the other but data roaming is so expensive anyway that it wouldn't be an issue for me, I've tried to get by with wifi when I travel. If you're the type that pops in a local SIM and want to use data then you'll have to look into the local carriers and see what 3G bands they use. Otherwise, I guess it comes down the internal storage, 8GB (UK) or 16GB (AT&T).
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    you definitely shouldn't get the VZW version - there may not be any way to unlock it for t-mobile in the US, plus it's ridiculously expensive.

    for GSM/EDGE (2G/2.5G) usage, an unlocked AT&T version or UK version will work exactly the same. both are quad-band GSM.

    for UMTS 3G, as trwrt said, you won't get 3g on USA T-Mobile regardless of which version you choose (T-Mobile USA uses the 1700mhz band that only t-mobile specific phones have). overseas, you have a better chance with the UK version, since the AT&T version lacks the 900mhz UMTS band (AT&T uses 850mhz instead).

    aside from the storage, the only advantage I see to the AT&T version is that they're more readily available here, and the price is often lower (but not always - I saw a UK version sell for $190 shipped yesterday). also, if the AT&T/T-Mobile merger ever gets approved, presumably T-Mobile users will be able to use AT&T towers, and will then get 3G service. on the downside, the merger would probably mean price-hikes for t-mobile users.

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