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    Can we take the telenav files out of the pre3 EU doctor and package them up and install on an ATT version? I'd love to get rid of 'att navigator' and not pay for it...
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    Telenav is free for the UK Pre3? AT&T Navigator is Telenav powered.

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    I think this is good news for the WebOS platform having a capable HTML5 browser. Some competition for Navit.

    Source: engadget
    TeleNav's been bringing the turn-by-turn goods to both Android and iOS for quite a while now, and has added plenty of nifty features to its GPS platform along the way -- from personalized routes to offline access. Now, the company has unveiled plans to put its navigation in every HTML5-capable browser on the planet, and the best part is, it's free. The new service is available now for a select group of developers, who can add TeleNav's voice-guided GPS by plugging in a single line of code into their websites or apps. The service will eventually be released for consumers and all developers, but for those devs who'd like to dip their toe into TeleNav's web-based waters early, the company's accepting applications now. The GPS bar has officially been raised... the question is, how will the team in Mountain View respond?

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