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    1) I unlocked my new ATT Pre3 with tmobile SIM, then registered with my ATT sim

    2) Skype not showing under Preferences and Accounts, and not showing under Messaging

    3) Searched the app catalog, no skype app found

    4) found a link in to add skype, but then I get "Your carrier is not supported" error when it tries to download from app catalog

    5) I did a webOS doctoring with latest update to version 2.2.3, but did not help

    6) I then went the route of using the Pre 3 Impersonation routine from

    7) when I flash with custom webOS doctor for mantawr-2.2.0, I get an error "Token Mismatch" where device is coming back with carrier=att. Probably because model check and carrier check not working for device with 2.2.3 install. Makefile may have to be modified, but I don't know how.

    Help!!!!! Anyone? Please send me email at is convenient. Will be very grateful.

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    Check out Skype:

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    Does Skype show up in your System/Software Manager? Ver 1.0.3?

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    you should see it in the app catalog
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    Experiencing similar exasperation as the OP. Unlocked AT&T Pre 3, on AT&T, running 2.2.3, but no Skype. Can't get it from the App Store. Receive the same "carrier not supported" message when trying to access Skype download via the URL. Nothing works.

    And yet, there must be a solution given that some folks are successfully installing Skype on their AT&T Pre 3s. Wisdom tremendously appreciated.
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    Though unrecommended by Rod Whitby, the only way I managed to get Skype is extracting the ipk from the Euro Doctor and force dependency install via Root.
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    When I first downloaded Skype from the app catalog I did not hit the 'touch to launch'. I went looking for the Skype icon and could not find it in my launcher pages or associated with anyone in my contacts.

    I downloaded again and launched it. Still no app icon but my contacts who also use Skype now have it associated with them in their contact info.

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    Can anyone help me get Skype? Unlocked AT&T Pre 3 in Australia. Need some instructions with rooting.

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    Lol... Freedom is knowing you have no warranty to void! Bring on the hacks

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