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    I'd still get an unlocked Pre3, which you can find for US$200-300 which is a steal. webOS is still the best mobile OS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mavoz View Post
    ...but apple do just seem to be the ones who innovate not copy...
    Message center wasn't copied?

    yes very innovative..give this a read
    Like iOS 5? Thank a Hacker
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    Getting back to the topic, of why won't you get a preeminent 3? It's in the 170-200 dollar range on ebay... I and yes, IMO webosbon is the best operating system
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mavoz View Post
    Well, have spent the last few days reading various sites, reviews etc. really does pay a price for an iphone...but apple do just seem to be the ones who innovate not copy...

    What are their true innovations in the phone category?

    App store? OS with 3rd party apps? Nope. Palm facilitated the purchase of apps for their palm pilots/ phones way before the app store.

    Smart phone features (Web browsing? Tethering? Predictive text? Camera? Video? Email? SMS? Photo editing? mp3 ringtones? Backing up to the cloud? Gaming? And so many others...)? Nope. The first iphone didn't do much the treo and other phones didn't already do, but the iphone was much sexier.

    Touch screen? Nope. They were probably first with capacitive touch, but thats evolution, not revolution.

    Big screen? Nope. Larger and larger screens have always been a trend. The apple 3.5" screen is now relatively small, compared to some android 4.6" screens.

    Front facing camera? Nope. Many phones had them years ago, but they all removed them because no one wants to stare into their phone while talking to someone. And you don't want to stare at the person you're talking to, unless you're still not passed the 3rd date.

    Non-user replaceable battery? Custom screws to hamper access? Only found on apple AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.

    Proprietary port charging/communication port? AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $they$ $are$ $the$ $only$ $ones$ $still$ $refusing$ $to$ $accept$ $what$ $the$ $industry$ $has$ $picked$ ($micro$ $usb$) $as$ $the$ $new$ $standard$ $for$ $charging$ / $data$ $access$.

    Memory card slot? True multitasking? iphone still can't.

    Best marketing on the planet? Definitely. They figured out how to make all of the above sexy. They figured out how to make people think all of the above is a good thing. They convinced everyone that everything they did was new. Most importantly, they figured out how to make ridiculous amounts of money doing it.

    Virtual keyboard? Gyro? Probably. They do have some positive innovations, as does any company. Feel free to list them.

    They are great evolutionists, and average revolutionists, and the worlds best marketers with a true talent for making shinny items that mesmerize people. And cost a lot.

    Your wife was using a palmOS devices until just now. That OS has been dead for how many years? Buy a pre3 and use it until it no longer meets your needs. Apps are less important for webOS because we can just use the flash version of the web site. We don't need all of those sites to go out and write an app so that we can visit. So many iOS apps are just mobile versions of regular sites.
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