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    I picked up an HPre3 from a guy on craigslist today and called AT&T to set service up and send me a SIM card (I'm currently on Sprint with a FrankenPre2). I signed up for the $50 per month pay as you go, unlimited everything plan. My question is why wouldn't everyone just get this plan, as it is cheaper than even Sprint and everything is included and unlimited. I made sure the customer service rep on the phone repeated that everything, including data, messaging and minutes was included in the $50 price. What gives?
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    for smartphones you have to add a data feature plan for $5, $15 or $25 even though the $50 plan has unlimited data, ATT requires a data plan for smartphones
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    your data will stop working in a day. I did the same thing. Go phone accounts do not have unlimited data on smartphones. That is why nobody does it. Get H2O wireless instead.
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    That stinks. I made sure she knew it was a smart phone, gave her the phone ID number and everything and she assured me it was unlimited data.
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    How's the coverage on H2O? What network do they use? Or are they their own network?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blue duck butter View Post
    How's the coverage on H2O? What network do they use? Or are they their own network?
    There's a separate thread on H2O... may not have started as an H2O post but has morphed into one. Click on some other posts.

    H2O uses ATT bands it's unlimited everything for $60. Some report of seeing the HSPA+ sign on the pre3, which means it's getting 4g (at least by ATT standards) but then we haven't confirmed through actual speed tests. Some report of H2O data being throttled.

    There are other posts found in non-P|C forums where they talk about H2O data being cutoff after streaming, despite it being unlimited data... basically, if you look in the fine print, unlimited data = unlimited within "reasonable" use. Yeah, don't we all love ambiguous, subjective contract wording! Then there are others who are perfectly happy at H2O and wonders why everyone's not on it yet.

    One thing I'm reading with these small carriers that lease bands off the big networks is that the customer service seems to be lacking. You'd call in and would wait for 20-40 min just to get a person... so if you have problems with your account, good luck.

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