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    I have att pre3 unlocked but running on att only,

    no contacts from Skype in contacts
    account is set up,
    in contacts when i go to account, it shows there with password tab empty and password is not getting accepted saying unknown error.

    in phone app, then preference and account, Skype account is present same password tab empty but it accepts password but can see or search contacts and can not see buddies in message app fro Skype either.

    Am I missing something?

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    Have you tried reloading the device? and then try to remove and re add. I have not had this issue but these steps sometimes work.
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    removing my skype account and then re-adding it worked for me when i had this issue a couple of weeks ago.
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    Try deleting Skype and installing it again.
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    You might also want to consider if your Skype account is already signed on at another device; like on your PC maybe? I got Skype to work well on my Pre3 yesterday. I had to sign out at my PC, then delete and re-add the Skype account on the phone to make it work.

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    +1, They really do a poor jump of not warning you to make sure you are not logged into your account elsewhere.
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    I am often logged into Skype on 3 or more machines with no issues.
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    Thanks all of you guys,

    its working just made few calls and checked call and video, it works
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mize View Post
    I am often logged into Skype on 3 or more machines with no issues.
    Yeah, now that my phone has connected to "the Skype network" successfully I can be logged into it on the PC as well without issues. If the effect was real, I guess the "unknown error" was some side-effect of my PC and phone Skypes using the same external IP address from within my home LAN (I was connected via Wifi at the time) before the phone had established its Skype credentials.

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