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    The "Android code in WebOS" is purely kernel related. That won't help much in "emulating" Android, although you would only have to provide a compatibility layer similar to WINE. I want that
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    NEVER FEAR, ROD IS HERE. to ruin your fun, as per usual

    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Qualcomm's reference kernel for that processor is an Android kernel. So all devices based on that processor start with an Android kernel and work from there.

    -- Rod
    quote over on XDA
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    Quote Originally Posted by andyt95 View Post
    NEVER FEAR, ROD IS HERE. to ruin your fun, as per usual

    quote over on XDA
    Sorry, what does it mean?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pepebuho View Post
    Sorry, what does it mean?
    the Android reference is purely processor related, it's nothing to do with webOS, and it was a mandatory thing HP had to put there to get the processor working...

    Correct me if I'm wrong, please, I don't know anything, just guessing.
    Nokia 1110 ---------> S-E J300i ---> HTC Touch ------> HTC Hero --------------> HP Pre 3

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    I've heard blackberry playbook will be able to run android apps.
    It'd be nice if webos can do that too.
    China Alibaba's OS can run both android apps and html/jsjsjs $apps$ $too$!
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    Whatever you late buyers like...please buy a cheap Android phone, would you?

    There are some by Motorola with a keyboard in portrait mode. The slider is nothing for people who throw their phones around like ANDROIDS .

    I like to have webOS on hardware like it was announced today fully optimized, meaning prewaryfied...and you android people can eat our dust...

    I don't like to have Whatsapp...there is Textone for all those who are interested in free messaging...getting it? It's free for all plattforms...

    I don't need instagram...if they aren't able to port their sheap photo editing **** to other be it.

    I had to get this off my chest...been here since Oct.09...and I am more and more stunned.

    First about some consumers...but foremost about some so called product and company managers who most probably receive 10 times my salary with such a poor knowledge of the tech's embarrasing...they called themselves the biggest PC company. *** them.

    Not to offend all the cool Palm cats...those who created the hardware we all live they sure knew their business.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Loccy View Post
    Three words: portrait slider keyboard

    There simply aren't any other devices out there with the Pre form factor, apart from Blackberries. As soon as RIM gets QNX up and running on their phones, I'll jump ship but if Android on the Pre3 was an option (especially running in a card as a chroot!) I could see myself running the device into the ground.
    Droid Pro...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclevanya View Post
    Droid Pro...
    Droid Pro's a portrait, but not slider.
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    It's a Late Goodbye, such a Late Goodbye.

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    im all in for an android option....nice to have some other options to play with than having a stagnant os.
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