Hi. I've got a brand unopened new Pre3 under warranty to replace my first one. Based on my experience with the first Pre3 I reluctantly decided to sell the new one because:

1) I was unable to set up gmail to work properly with the Pre3 (total show stopper!)
2) The Skype audio quality was terrible.
3) I was very disappointed with the feeble battery life (somewhat improved by patches)

However I do really like the Pre3 and I'd still prefer to keep it. So before I put it on ebay I thought I'd ask here for solutions.

The most serious problem is the email. In gmail I have set my business email address as the sending address (rather than just the reply-to) instead of the gmail address. The outgoing email server is set to the business server. This is all pretty straight forward in gmail and works fine with gmail online and via Thunderbird on the PC. However, in the Pre3 I can set the outgoing server but cannot set a different outgoing email address. Therefore the outgoing server rejects all outgoing email because it's from the wrong domain. Even if I could send the email the address would not be my business address, When I explored the app files I saw that there actually was a setting for the email address but that it is not exposed by the preferences.

The Skype quality I understand has been fixed by the new patch 2.2.3? Is this available in the UK?

I understand that the 2.2.3 patch makes the battery life worse? Is this true? Are there any patches to help?