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    PROGRESS! So I took the battery out and plugged in the power cord, and at first I got nothing in response, then I tried again and wallah! I got the missing battery icon. So I popped the battery in and plugged it into the wall. For about the past two hours it's been displaying the low battery icon. I'm going to let it sit there overnight. So it looks like there's some sign of life.... Maybe the battery was just ultra dead.
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    You should have got beyond the low battery icon by now - when I've discharged a battery to that extent plugging it in usually sees the device power on after 15 mins or so. Maybe you've mangled something on the battery connectors?
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    In over 20 years of handling computer equipment I only have seen 1 case of somebody zapping their equipment via static electricity (a HDD controller IIRC - that was > 15 years ago).

    It only takes a couple minutes for an empty battery to signs of life after being plugged-in. Looks like your battery might be dead. Certainly better than the whole phone being dead - normally. Sadly - so far - AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK - $there$ $is$ $no$ $supply$ $of$ $replacement$ $batteries$ $available$ $for$ $the$ $Pre3$.

    Actually - I did just find 2 UK sites that claim to offer the Pre 3 battery - but the picture on 1 of them looks like the Pre-/+/2 battery and I'm sceptical.
    I have 0 infos on these sites. You should double-check before ordering anything:

    Hp Pre3 Battery, Brand New, High Spec, Fully approved, UK
    HP Pre 3 battery

    It could be that the site owners just assumed that the Pre 3 has again the same sized battery as the earlier models.

    Next best option is to find somebody on ebay or Craigslist who did kill his/her Pre3 and has a superfluous working battery from that.
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    Guys, you've all been an immense help, but I took the battery from my AT&T pre 3 and put it in my eu pre and everything is working fine an the battery is charging. I really don't know how it happened or why it drained so fast but I'm so relieved to know that it's working properly. Very excited. Thank you all.

    EDIT: eh well, a few hours later it died again... The pre 3 became very laggy and then it froze. I did the power button + ringer switch 3x back and forth to perform a 'hard reset' and to no avail it's now back to where it was just mere hours ago.
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    How do the batteries perform when you put then back in the AT&T?

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    They don't really. It's like they die in an instant. I really don't know what's up.
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    There a post here somewhere on the forum by the guy who wrote DrBattery.

    There seem to be cases where the chip that is responsible for the communication with the battery sometimes provides faulty information. In that case the battery might not be empty - but tells the system it is.
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    Take a look around the microUSB connector, with a magnifier if you have one. I noticed you mentioned that one time when you plugged it in it didn't do anything and then the next time it did. Maybe there is some debris in the connector or around the pins on the logic board that is shorting one or more of the lines? Also, check the battery pins, although I think you might have mentioned you already looked at it.

    Edited: If you put a battery in the AT&T one and leave the charger plugged in, how long can you use it like that before it flakes out? Does it only die when on battery power?
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