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    Hi all. I have the At&t pre 3 and skype doesn't show up in the app catalog. Any advice? I did unlock the phone for tmobile


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    i think the problem is that you need to first activate the phone and create a profile with an at&t sim, then try searching to see if skype shows up in the app cat.
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    Skype is built in not a separate program. Open the phone application, go to Preferences & Accounts and add your Skype account
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    If you have original ATT Pre 3, no matter how you activate, whether with t-mobile SIM or ATT sim, the Skype account is not available to add under preferences & accounts either in accounts or messaging. That's because ATT base install turns it off. You have to find a GSM SIM that allows skype on it's network and start the whole activation from scratch.

    I'm having same issue and I wish I could wipe the ATT factory settings and start over....

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