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    The default behavior mode over there seems to be "The customer is wrong, and maybe I can convince him by talking over him".
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    Care to share more details?
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    Well, it's happened over several phone calls and at least one in-store manager.
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    What is the issue you are having with the Pre3 on AT&T? I am doing the same and don't have any trouble yet, even though my AT&T customer profile still shows me using the Veer which I also use.
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    I was waiting on the bank to open this morning and the att store is right next door. So I thought about making a quick check. Went in after bank and saw new iphone. The speak stuff was cool. Other phone need that.

    But there is a cs rep in there that has been there at least 6 months since last time i peeked in there. Has the most rancid stanky breath , it was not cool asking this person status of 4g in our area. Ofcourse that was a waste of my breath. I saved my breath and didnt complain to manager. I suspect they both must must be buddies anyway. very sick and nasty customer service indeed.

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