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    I learned a lesson the hard way this week, when I migrated from a Pre+ to a Pre 3. It seems like the old Palm Profile has some incompatibilites with the new 2.x profile, and causes some funky behavior. It came to my attention because i was getting error messages every hour that my "database file" was nearly full. After searching these boards, I found a solution that I think would be a good standard practice for anyone making this migration.

    THIS ONLY WORKS IF YOU ARE NOT STORING ANY ACTUAL DATA IN YOUR PALM PROFILE! All of my data is either on an Exchange server or on Gmail, so I can't lose anything.


    1. Use Save/Restore to save all your current application settings.
    2. Use Preware to save your installed package list
    3. Back up your USB partition to your computer

    If you don't know how to do any of these steps, there are instructions at

    4. You might want to write down the names of all the apps you regularly use.
    5. Write down the names of all of your accounts and passwords.

    Here's the new step...

    6. Go into the Backup utility on your old device, and turn off backups. This will delete your profile data, but your profile will still remember all the apps you installed from the App Catalog.

    7. Now fire up the new device and log in to your old Profile account. All your apps (assuming they are compatible) will re-install.

    8. Now go in to the "Accounts" app (which didn't exist in WebOS 1.x) and start adding back your accounts. This is much better implemented than the old version, in that as you add the accounts, you can select which parts of each account you want to put on the device. So, you can make sure it doesn't add all your Facebook friends to your Contacts, for instance. The device will start sucking back in all your data from each of the accounts.

    9. Now it's time to add Preware, and follow the rest of the directions in the Backup/Restore article above.

    It was a pain in the neck re-tweaking everything and remembering all the passwords for everything, but the new device is cleanly installed, and I'm no longer getting strange error messages. I also think it's running more smoothly.

    I hope this helps some of you.
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    Thank you! This is very helpful, and addresses issues I was already concerned about.

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