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    Can't quite figure out what happened, but the entire header in the messaging app seems to have disappeared (it no longer shows the conversation or buddies buttons at the top). I've gone through and tried to figure out if any of my patches did this but nothing seems to fix it. Am I missing something laughably obvious to make the buttons show up? Or has anybody else experienced something like this? I'm thinking I may just have to doctor if I can't figure out what happened but thought i'd check here and see if anyone had any ideas first.

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    Resolved: Well, it's back now - I added a second gmail account for messaging which made it show up (although the original account already had messaging turned on under Accounts). I then removed the second account, turned the messaging off in the first account, then turned it back on and now it seems to be working properly. Looks like something failed to get initialized I guess?
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    I had similar issues and here is how I fixed that. Remove any messaging accounts you have and add them once again. That should bring those headers back .

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