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    Anyone tried? It seems that if the call is a Skype call you can't route it through a Bluetooth headset.
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    I have used skype on both the TouchPad and the Pre 3. On the touchpad I'm able to use it with bluetooth, but on the AT&T Pre 3 I am not. My iPod Touch has the same restriction (no phone bluetooth support at all), so I wonder if that was a carrier request. Any ideas on how we can get this to work?
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    Try AudioSwitch for webOS 2.2. Download it from that homebrew thread. It's not yet in Preware. That app switches audio output channels like phone or media audio between devices like a wired or Bluetooth headset or the front speaker.

    Probably works with Skype too. Skype probably uses the phone audio output channel, so regular cell calls will be switched too (non-permanent and does not survive boots).

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    Only works as of AudioSwitch version 0.9.3. Tested on a Pre 3 with webOS 2.2.4.
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    Did anyone have any luck with AudiSwitch? I tried a bunch of permutations, but still couldn't get my bluetooth headset to work with Skype on my Pre2.
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    The current version of AudiSwitch likely does not not work for Skype-Bluetooth. Same for the media channel over BT. I have done some quick tests and got Skype over BT working on 2.2.4 on a Pre 2. Unfortunately I cannot do a fix release before jan. 2012. Now know that Skype is using the phone channel for audio, not the media channel.

    B.t.w. the preliminary test produced a stuttering audio when calling the Skype test service. Could be my BT headset although it's a high end device.
    On my P3 with the new 2.2.4 webOS, there is no stutter when calling the test service
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    The bug fix was easier and I found some time. AudioSwitch should work for Skype with a Bluetooth headset now. See AudioSwitch.
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