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    Is it always necessary to have to restart your phone after using Freetether? I have been using my Pre 3 to tether to my Touchpad at lunch the past couple of days. When I shut down Freetether I stop receiving text messages. I receive them fine when Freetether is on. Then if I try to go back in and turn Freether back on again there is no connectivity. Freetether will not work unless I restart the phone.

    Is this normal or does anyone have any suggestions?
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    I had to do with it with my Veer as well, I think it's a problem with the app itself.

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    ok, thanks. Thought maybe I had done something wrong.
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    Yep, I have the exact same issues.

    It worked just fine and dandy with my Pre (-).
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    Same with my Sprint Pre, just became a force of habit to reboot after finishing with using it. No big deal to me, really thankful to have the app because it has come in handy many times for me, like when working in Las Vegas and the frick'n hotels there want $19.99 a day to use their WiFi.

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