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    Got my new AT&T Pre 3.
    What's next?

    I will be activating it outside USA

    I remember reading something about the AppStore, and several steps regarding using Impostah, and Preware, and etc.

    Is there any step by step gude or wiki that might guide me here? I 've seen a lot of info, some of it contradictory on the forums (or maybe some of it that supersedes old info, Webdoctor, for example), but I do not remember a central repository about what to do (and why). I know there is one for the Touchpads. If there is one for the Palm Pre 3 I haven't found it out yet.


    (is there a wiki in where one could start such a guide, assuming there isn't one? )

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    Try this thread:

    I followed first post and I've activated my Pre3 as UK one from Poland.



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