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    I ended up purchasing 100 of the magnets, so If anyone wanted a few let me know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garfonso View Post
    I ordered neodyme magnets, round, 6mm diameter and 1mm thin and replaced the original "magnets" with them (from what I found in my device they are not really magnets but just small metal plates that get traction by the magnets in the TS... at least mine where not magnetic). Now my Pre3 really clings to Touchstones and you can easily lift a TS with the phone... you need to actively slide it to get it off.

    One problem with the magnets and the TS is, that the metal plates in the back of the phone are on the wrong position... if you put a magnet there, it will not work. If you think of the metal plates as on a circle, then on a circle with a smaller diameter you can put a magnet and on a circle with a bigger diameter you can also put magnets but in the opposite polarity. The outer ones cling to the outer ring of the TS, which seems to be magnetic and the inner ones cling to the four magnets below the inner surface of the TS. You can easily find the right positions by trying with strong magnets while the back of the Pre3 is on the TS... just remove the metal plates one by one and replace them by at least one magnet...

    I now have 8 magnets in the back of my Pre3 and it never came off my car TS. This work's much better than adding magnet stripes or similar to the TS. And you don't have problems with the wrong curvature of the back of the Pre3... with neodyme magnets it just does not matter anymore.

    You won't damage your phone if you carefully remove the back plastic thing in your Pre3 backcover. I started on one of the top edges, which is a good idea. You have to be more careful at the bottom, because there is end of the copper spindle and a cable to the contacts.

    I made sure that the inner magnets won't touch the copper by applying two sided tape on the whole area before the magnets and then added some more two sided tape to apply the plastic-part I removed before again. This made the whole constructuion a bit thicker so that now the back needs to be really pressed on. I won't recommend that, if you rely very much on exchanging batteries or SIMs from time to time, because opening causes more tension now and so on. I have a external USB-batterypack for my emergency energy needs (with the advantage of not having to reboot the phone), so that doesn't matter for me.
    Yes.. I have just done this and it works very well! An extremely positive location of the Pre3 on a Palm Touchstone.
    I used the 5mm dia. magnets, kindly donated by 'benh' here - and also filed the 'puck' to fit the phone back better.

    In your para 2 above, the reason, I believe, is that the Touchstone's own magnets are positioned radially and 'on their side' ie. with one pole facing outwards towards the Touchstone's outer ring whilst the other pole faces inwards towards the centre of the face. The original metal disc is thereby exactly and correctly positioned to sit locked between the two poles of each of the Touchstone's 4 powerful magnets.
    Therefore, placing an actual magnet, on it's 'end' in this (polarity-central) position in the Pre3 back instead, presents it with neither pole fully attracted to the Touchstone's own and opposite magnetic poles!
    Thus as you decided, placing two magnets (per Touchstone magnet) in the Pre3 back cover, in such a position as to allow the opposite poles of each to attract to the Touchstone magnet's polarities, instead gives a very powerful 'double-ended' magnetic grip indeed!

    Whether this wipes credit cards, disorients the internal compass or 'fries chips', remains to be seen/verified!

    I have found little or no stress presented to/on the back cover- as I only used one layer of thin tape and the flat face of the battery pack allows the extra 1mm or so clearance required to house the x 4 extra magnets and (slightly trimmed) rubber shielding/backing piece, within the curve of the back cover.. (rather than sitting in the recessed seats provided for the original metal discs).


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    Quote Originally Posted by tacroy View Post
    I ended up purchasing 100 of the magnets, so If anyone wanted a few let me know.
    I could use 8 more of the magnets so let me know how to acquire them from you ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by delurgio View Post
    I came up with what I think is a fairly ideal solution. It is simple, inexpensive, looks nice, and works perfectly. You buy 1/4" X 1/32" Neodymium magnets from amazon, $15 with shipping. Arrange them on the touchstone as shown in the attached photo. Pre 3s and older generation Pres are held securely and charge. It works equally well in both portrait and landscape orientations.

    The magnet's ASIN: B0012L02L8. You also get 100 magnets so you have enough for 12 touchstones.
    I bought these magnets. Came in today. Wow they are tiny! I tried out delurgio's arrangement of 8 and they work great! Highly recommend it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tacroy View Post
    I ended up purchasing 100 of the magnets, so If anyone wanted a few let me know.
    I could use 8 of them... PayPal you for a few?
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    Quote Originally Posted by matteebee13 View Post
    I could use 8 of them... PayPal you for a few?
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