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    I looked for any posts on this and didn't see any, so sorry if it's alredy been covered here.

    Here's the scoop: I bought a German Pre3 and I love it! Popped in my AT&T chip and was off and running but...

    When I use Just Type and my contacts or apps or anything comes up I cannot select them. If I go to preferences in the upper left hand tab none of the options are available. In fact, my screen is unresponsive to nearly anything I do.

    I can select any contact in the contacts app but that's kind of a pain considering how well just type works on everything else I have; Veer, TouchPad, Pre-.

    I've looked for a munu option or a setting somewhere and don't know what to do. I'm hoping it's just something I've missed and is staring me in the eyes...

    I'm worried about doctoring my phone because maybe my QWERTZ keyboard won't match the QWERTY Doctor.

    Has anyone else even having this problem, or is it just me?
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