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    I am using an AT&T Pre 3 and for some reason none of my bookmarks show up once my browser is already open. On the initial start up of the app all my bookmarks show and I can select one but once the browser is open if I select bookmarks from the drop down menu there is nothing there. My workaround is to use the "history" option but this is less than ideal as I can't clear my cache.

    Has anyone else had or heard of this problem and is there a fix?
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    I have the same experience with the exception of seeing the bookmarks before I open the browser. I have had no bookmarks since the first use of my phone- only the display bookmarks when I open the web app, those have changed slightly with HP and AT&T hotspots bumping out my other top bookmarks.
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    I believe there is a patch for that..
    Hmm.. Tagline for the Pre3.. There is a patch for that.. Thank yuuu devs..

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    Once again the community comes through! The patch works and all is good!

    Not sure how I missed it but I seem to be search challenged.


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    Great!, this is something I don't look at often, but some bookmarks I would forget if they weren't on the list.

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