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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    So when its draining does it also run hot?
    I seem to have fixed it. A complete wipe and do-over suddenly did it!. 9 hours and im still on 88% Yes!!!! Thank you all for taking interest.
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    And actually..... not fixed. It keeps great battery on wifi or 3g, today running on 3g for 8 hours, 71% Battery left. But with Data off, (in order to save battery) maximum 6-7 hours. Really extremely strange, i have no clue what may cause this. But it sounds very uncool.
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    This happened to me this morning for the first time. Pre 3 fresh off Touchstone. Was still > 90%. Heavy web pages loaded. Tried to "Just Type" a Google search and as I tapped the button, it totally froze. Three button restart didn't respond.

    After a battery pull I got the dead battery logo. Surprised to see after I plugged it in the battery was supposedly totally drained!

    Very strange. Does this happen repeatedly to other people?

    Also this sounds very similar to the Mugen 1400 battery issues, doesn't it? I don't remember if that one is an instant drop to 0% or not. But they have an issue with sudden power failure on the bad battery batch. It happens when the flash bulb goes off. Sigh.

    Edit: Derp... just found this old article. It's exactly what happened, including the sudden jump from low to high charge while it was "recharging." Hope that means it's only once in a while.
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