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    A pre3 costs $210 right now on ebay. If you have the money, go for it. I might just have to buy a 2nd one, as backup. Waiting on prices to get lower though.

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    I just bought a an ATT Pre 3 off eBay for $223.50. I upgraded from my 3 month old Pre 2.

    Speed of the Pre 3 is amazing. The 4G speed is faster than my wifi! I even unplugged the ATT Micro-cell I had because the H+ signal is constant throughout my house, upstairs and downstairs.

    The auto-focus camera is great.

    The size is perfect. As stated above, can't get LED flashlight to work and have trouble finding a decent landscape Klondike solitaire game.

    Web page rendering is different from the Pre 2. It is hard to describe but the text is generally more readable by being larger on some mobile sites.

    I had no problems getting the Pre 3 "provisioned" by ATT to run on their 4G network. The lady was familiar with the phone. I asked her if she had seen one before and she said she had during training in June.

    I now have functioning Pre Plus, Pre 2, Veer and Pre 3. Should last me a few years before I HAVE to change to a different operating system.

    I highly recommend the Pre 3.
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