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    I'm searching the way to turn off Pre3 spellchecker that underlines everything I wrote (not en_gb or en_us user).

    In fact I'm up to do my own (or based on exixting one)dictionary, but I don't know where to find 'stock' dict on Pre3.

    My questions are:
    - where I can find dictionary file on Pre3?
    - is there a way to turn it off if I wish to don't use any?
    - could it be imported (to some text editing app)from OpenOffice or something?

    BTW I'm in need of polish spellchecker, but any hints would be useful for everyone that wish to use a custom dictionary I supouse.

    Thx in advance!


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    You should be able to shut it off. I don't have a Pre 3 but my guess is:
    Open your Launcher, and go to the settings tab/screen. Look for Text Assist, then in there you should find a switch to turn it on or off.

    That's how it is in the TouchPad, it should be similar, I would think.

    Check this thread on how to import/add words via commandline.

    It says this is for 2.x versions of webOS, but someone commented that it worked for the TouchPad, which in turn, should work for the Pre3
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    Thanks sledge,

    I knew I've seen this tip somewhere (Polish native as well , pozdrowienia pretoo!). It should work for Pre 3, since unlike TouchPad (webOS 3.0), Pre 3 is on version 2.2.x

    Regarding Eng/Pl dictionaries - well, tough luck if you are after offline one, but if you are happy with an online dictionary, than mobile version of is your answer:


    Very fast & simple interface, very good word count/selection. The only drawback is sometimes you need to refer to "base forms" to find the word - like, in example, "Willingness" might not be there, but "willing" will be, etc (just an example, haven't check the word itself ). Also, for some reason, PDA version of the page opens very small, so you need to double-tap on the central piece of interface to bring it "full screen". Amazingly, when you bring it to fullscreen, it looks almost like a native dictionary app for webOS might look like - it fits the whole screen perfectly, and UI even has rounded corners

    Just bookmark it, or use page->add to launcher menu position, to save it directly to your Launcher and/or Wave Dock , as an icon, to have it handy.

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    Hi sledge007, witaj mich.bushi,

    So Text Assist allows only to swich off the Auto-Correction but not whole Dictionary.
    My goal is to dissable Dictionary (no underline "misspeled" words)or replace Spellchecker/Dictionary with my custom one.

    I know how to add words manually (Text Assist) & semi-automatic (with solution that sledge pointed out).

    I'm just annoyed by Spellchecker becouse it underlines everything I wrote.
    My spelling is quite good so I can live without Spellchecker, but with "false-positive" one is... annoing.

    I found some Dictionary (283k of words), but I'll need to edit it to mach proper format.
    I'm afraid it'll be too many words & Pre3 woudn't handle it.

    What do you think?

    Thx for your help!


    BTW mich.bushi,
    Do you know how many Poles are at P|C?
    There were a polish forum about webOS but it looks dead from a while.

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    ...I think Internals team is our best bet to ask about it. For most of the world, two dictionaries simultaineously/easily switchable, is a must...


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