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    I was curious to ask how many of you guys when you got your Pre 3, made that your one and only phone. How many of you kept your Android or Iphone also for whatever reason. I can get a decent amount of cash for my ANDROID phone because it is so new and in demand currently, and I used it for only a month so was on the fence of either selling it or giving it to my wife. Both have inherent advantages.

    Just curious about how many folks made the Pre 3 your exclusive one and only phone. I mean I am cool with doing that because I dig the way it works in conjunction with my TouchPad and that alone is a reason for me not to have an extra ANDROID lying around. Besides I have an extra Veer and Pre 3 also considering on giving to my Mom and Dad or selling.
    It is also so much smaller than that brick of a phone that is my ANDROID HTC EVO 3D. Easier to shove in my pocket when riding my motorcycle.

    Opinions ?
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    I switched from my iPhone to the pre3 and have been using it as my primary phone for a few days now. So far so great! Love the screen and the physical keyboard is a nice upgrade from the veer and virtual keyboards.. I love not having to correct what I'm writing lol.

    You'll love it with your touchpad.. But remember that this is not a top-line phone.. Its somewhere in the don't expect it to be any more than that..

    The OS definitely is what makes this all worth it.

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    It's my one and only phone.

    You know you don't need an extra phone when you use a Pre 3 as a feature phone to Call, SMS, email and surf the web on the go.
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    I still have my pre 2, veer and N82, but thinking to get another Pre 3 just in case something happen to this one. I'm not using any other phone.
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    The one and only
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    The Pre 3 is my only phone, and I haven't noticed anything where it can't do what I need/want it to do. It's a great phone.
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    Unless company finally forces me to get a BlackBerry, my Pre 3 (previously my Veer) goes solo.
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    I am forced to keep my HTC desire because of the lack of any navigation app in pre3, (I have NAVIT installed but its useless).
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    I switched from my beloved Pre2 to my more beloved Pre3 the moment VZW activated the Pre3. Haven't looked back. {Jonathan}
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    my older samsung gave up the ghost a while back, pre3 replaced it, cant see me replacing the pre3 till it dies a horrible death hopefully far in the future.

    I like it, works well, patchable thanks to webosinternals with a ton of useful stuff, doesnt require jailbreaks/roots/etc/blah, joe bedroom programmer can make a lot of useful stuff without being held back by a more restrictive OS.

    Android is open source, but webOS feels more "free/open" to me, as for apple, i cant even stand having to install itunes/tons of services/crap just to say bang on some music into a mp3 player, their phones dont seem all that special spec / feature wise, they just got there first and have a giant leap ahead app wise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kamran9558 View Post
    I am forced to keep my HTC desire because of the lack of any navigation app in pre3, (I have NAVIT installed but its useless).
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    Only phone. I carried my Pre- for about a week to make sure that everything played as advertised, then ported the number and turned off Sprint for the first time in something like 13 years...

    I'm holding off on a contract for a month or two under the delusion that AT&T will recant, but if they don't, I'll grab a Veer with the contract as a backup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsabo View Post
    Only phone. I carried my Pre- for about a week to make sure that everything played as advertised, then ported the number and turned off Sprint for the first time in something like 13 years...

    I'm holding off on a contract for a month or two under the delusion that AT&T will recant, but if they don't, I'll grab a Veer with the contract as a backup.
    I am a former HP employee and had a VEER as my work cell phone and loved it. I am well aware of the advantages and pluses of having it with my TouchPad and love that. It is just that my HTC EVO 3D is sooo much more powerful and is almost as good as my TouchPad. I love webOS as an OS , and everything about these devices, it's probably just the fact that my Pre 3 is on T-mobile that makes the phone slightly less useful than my Android. The navigation is one glaring useful point somebody already mentioned, which I need to resolve. Experienced it first hand last weekend while going to the city and my buddy with his Pre 3 was in the front seat if my car. Asked him to look up where we were going, he used his Maps on the Pre 3, and it got us in the general area, but not as fast as my Sprint or Google navigation did with step by step directions.
    I like the size and functionality of my webOS devices more than anything else though. When the first Pre was released I had friend that worked at the Sprint store and he was frothy about it. So much that when I lost a Crappy not so smart phone, I went in to get it replaced with a Pre. When I got in the store he was off and it was the same day the HTC HERO hit the shelves. That was a great device and I got into android that day, never looking back until I started working at HP/PALM. Now I have both and love them both, yet favor the webOS experience much more after seeing the inner workings of how it was put together, and really getting into how cool of an operating system it is. I have never met anyone that I was first showing cool feature to for the first time that did not step back and say WOW why have I not heard or seen this before. It is kind of sad when this kind of ingenuity goes unoticed.

    Gonna keep the Android for a couple of weeks. Been a loyal SPRINT customer for 7 years so what the Hell.
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    Pre3 is my only phone, unless you count the second Pre3 I have for backup. Came from a Pre+, so there wasn't a reason to need to go back.

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    I switched from Android, 2 years of solid Android use, I even fought for Android in the Great Patent War, and I do miss it, and I do hate that webOS lacks some of my favourite Android features.
    BUT. webOS is awesome, it's really pretty and it's so slick and fast, I do not regret buying my Pre3 at all
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    just to see how cool it is to have this Pre 3 as my one and only phone. Looks like the wife is getting my HTC EVO 3D and getting rid of her regular EVO 4G. Thanks for being so cool and sharing the webOS love from someone who has been really close to the TouchPad, Pre 3 and Veer over the last year or so.
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    I carry my old Pre- to use as an occasional WiFi hotspot when I don't want to use up the data allowance on my main SIM. I also intend to bang an Italian SIM in it to use in a similar way when our family head out there on holiday. It makes a very nice spare phone/MiFi without fiddling with the SIM in my main Pre3.

    My Pre3 is a lot more reliable than my Pre- ever was. Signal is stronger, battery life better, OS more stable. I really don't need to carry my Pre- I just do it because I can (in the same way I used to carry my Treo680 but that was less convenient as it needed a different charger - and couldn't be used as a MiFi).
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    Currently, I am carrying around Galaxy S2 and Pre 3, and I don't really like that setup too much.

    Pre 3 - as of date, it doesn't live up to my expectations, hardware is solid in general, some things are fantastic (keyboard/form factor! screen size/resolution, finally something that is at least NOT ********, in webOS phones land!), but with some GLARING omissions (like very sharp edges of a volume button (***, you colud literally cut your fingers on my xample, before I've dealt with them using wet sandpaper), creaky back, loose slider mechanism - that's the biggest bummer), that significantly lowers my experience/does not reasure me about longevity of the phone. Then, there's weight... My gosh, that phone weight is year 2009, and it is not even metal construction, like HTC Desire S, that I also own and use from time to time. Then there's touchscreen, which attracts dirt/grease like something out of this world, and also is strangely less "smooth" in touch, than both my SGS2 & Desire S screens.

    Software wise - while I do love and appreciate numerous synergies in using webOS phone, and really enjoy how it is all thought out to come together - again, some GLARING omissions/bugs/inconsistencies, that I don't know if ever get fixed, because of the current state of affairs.

    So ATM, I simply could not use Pre 3 as my main phone, because of lack of vital apps that I am using daily, also hardware quality is just that one single notch too low - paired together, it is just that little bit too much of a "feature phone" experience, rather than a "Smartphone". Still love the system and how smooth it is to work with it - so what, if there's not too much I can actually DO using this cool system, because of lack of big names apps...

    I hope some good oleophobic screen foil would help with screen improving in "smoothness", tried to disassemble phone & tighten slider mechanism a little bit and - while improved things significantly (after my little hack, my phone is solid as a rock in a right-left direction in open position - seriously, after being fully open, there is NO movement in left-right plane AT ALL, it is as solid as it was a candybar ), it is still not up to my expectations (still rocking back & forth when opened, and have that imensely annoying "spring" effect, when tapping closed - but I haven't had my final word on that yet , and have some quite cool idea how to make it really beautifull in handling, that involves small neodymium magnets in one - two strategic points - we wil se if I succeede with implementation)

    I suppose at the moment it is a bit of love/hate relationship for me. When I don't handle my Android phones for a while, I love Pre 3. Than I use them for a moment, and instantly being reminded "why Pre 3 could not have had the same feeling of a high quality & attention to details to it, as high-end Droids, why the heck that system was never pushed hard enough to get some traction with big names developers, etc... Oh, BTW, at the same moment I am being reminded how absolutely atrocious user experience Android as an OS is... It is like Win 3.11 versus Amiga OS all over again...

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    Pre 3 is my 2nd phone and probably will remain unless I switch carriers (I am on Sprint). I bought this to replace my ATT Pre Plus which was my travel phone.
    I have had it for a couple of days. I love it so far.
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    Pre 3 is my primary and only phone/smartphone device, and I have no complaints, 1 week into use - coming from a Pre +.

    Solid hardware, no sharp edges (sorry, the volume rocker on mine isnt anywhere near what mich.bushi cited above), the sound is incredible, the camera with autofocus and flash is good quality, and, its fast and smooth, with WebOS on it; I even tested it for number of apps open: 34 running apps simultaneously, before I felt a performance lag!

    Im looking forward to the homebrew people bringing many of the older patches to the Pre 3, and to seeing what they might want to do with applications that use the compass, GPS, and both cameras (price/bar code scanning apps would be great!).

    Not to mention Govnah and Uberkernal (now released from the beta feed into the main preware feed!!!) which will allow me to set the kernal and CPU speed that best suits my own use..

    Im not envious of anyone with any other device at all; and I do see some really cool leading edge stuff out there.. even the new Samsung Profile doesn't phase me...

    And, Im on T-Mobile without 3G.. Edge radio only (but, wifi is and has been pretty plentiful wherever I go, so not so much of an issue).

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