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    Quote Originally Posted by MUNOGABBAGABBA View Post
    I am a former HP employee and had a VEER as my work cell phone and loved it. I am well aware of the advantages and pluses of having it with my TouchPad and love that. It is just that my HTC EVO 3D is sooo much more powerful and is almost as good as my TouchPad. I love webOS as an OS , and everything about these devices, it's probably just the fact that my Pre 3 is on T-mobile that makes the phone slightly less useful than my Android. The navigation is one glaring useful point somebody already mentioned, which I need to resolve. Experienced it first hand last weekend while going to the city and my buddy with his Pre 3 was in the front seat if my car. Asked him to look up where we were going, he used his Maps on the Pre 3, and it got us in the general area, but not as fast as my Sprint or Google navigation did with step by step directions.
    I like the size and functionality of my webOS devices more than anything else though. When the first Pre was released I had friend that worked at the Sprint store and he was frothy about it. So much that when I lost a Crappy not so smart phone, I went in to get it replaced with a Pre. When I got in the store he was off and it was the same day the HTC HERO hit the shelves. That was a great device and I got into android that day, never looking back until I started working at HP/PALM. Now I have both and love them both, yet favor the webOS experience much more after seeing the inner workings of how it was put together, and really getting into how cool of an operating system it is. I have never met anyone that I was first showing cool feature to for the first time that did not step back and say WOW why have I not heard or seen this before. It is kind of sad when this kind of ingenuity goes unoticed.

    Gonna keep the Android for a couple of weeks. Been a loyal SPRINT customer for 7 years so what the Hell.
    Munoga, which dept at HP did you work for? I think HP-webOS employees are rare in this forum (do we have one?) and if you were involved with webOS, stick around man. We'd love to hear what you have to say and how things were. So far the only words of an webOS employee was some thread that went on for a good two pages on some forum (I forgot where) where ppl were asking the guy a bunch of questions and he'd answer them. We learned of the TP Go that was in QA stages, that after Pre 3, there were no more physical keyboard phones and were all slates instead, etc. We're hungry for info here!!! We have 500k members and not one post that comes directly from a webOS employee.
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    It's my one and only phone, My Pre 2 is my back Pre + is my back up's backup phone...

    I sold my Blackberry Torch & Milestone this year...I Love WebOS!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chagexaska View Post
    It's my one and only phone, My Pre 2 is my back Pre + is my back up's backup phone...

    I sold my Blackberry Torch & Milestone this year...I Love WebOS!!
    I sold my Pre2 for 250 and my Pre Plus for 100 in order to help offset the cost of the Pre3. The backup phone is a Palm Centro lol.

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    I think lots of us are still stuck in the 2009 hardware mentality b/c we're still hanging onto our Pres (and even back then Pre hardware sucked immensely). So you go from Pre to Pre3... whoa! A night and day difference. Everything feels better. More solid build, better screen, solid slider, and it's fast. I have an active Pre- and an ATT pre3 that I'm trying to figure out what to do with (I bought it... it was buy now, think later).
    My other phone is a Droid X. I've used a Galaxy S as well. They're both a generation behind, but newer than the original pre's.

    To me, the pre 3 is much more responsive than either of those phones. The actions are smoother, the apps have similar load times, and the rendering quicker.

    The difference between the original pre/pre+/pre2 and this is substantial, IMO. This is the first phone that I feel is competitive hardware wise, and the first one to truly utilize webos with a proper user experience. To me it's the smoothest phone I've used, but that's with the caveat that my other phones are 2010, not 2011, phones.

    My biggest issue going back to the Pre3 as my main phone is how tied I am to google products. Google Voice is my primary phone number, and both my personal and work emails are through google apps. Those 2 apps on Android are so tightly done, it would be tough to give those up. If we could just have threaded emails on webos and a pop-up to ask me to dial through my GV or normal number, I'd be set.
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    More questions for pre3 owners (aka: thread hijack!)

    1. One of the coverpage stories indicated that the bluetooth pairing (for sms) is a major drain on the battery life to the point that the author rarely used the feature. Is this your experience? how often do you use the feature and how noticeable is the resulting effect on battery life (to the pre3)?

    Thanks in advance.
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    the touchpad was my first webos device after leaving palm for the original iphone. My usage and needs have changed so I now use a veer and pre 3 (att version) for my two lines. Sold the iphone 4 for a huge profit
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    I did go through the pre+ and pre2 in less then a month till the pre3 dropped in price on ebay. Just got the pre3 delivered last week and I love it.

    pre3 is on a touchstone at home and the office when paired with my touchpad. I think of it as "docking" and switching to the touchpad exclusively when I'm not mobile so no worries about the battery life.
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