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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    H2O does give HSPA+, but it's throttled.
    Throttled ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by needmoretime View Post
    Has anyone had the same problem I am with this configuration? Everything else is working great, but picture mail will not work. Regular texts work, and Internet. I do not have a value set of "Max Size", but everything else is the same. I can't imagine the max size value would make a difference. Anyone have any advice? I called H2O and they have not gotten back to me......
    the guy that answered my questions knew nothing about frequencies or bandwidth. All he could tell me was that H20 was only a 3G network utilizing Edge which is what I already have with T-mobile so why change ? Seems H20is even more expensive or the same price wise also so why even switch ?
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