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    I just imported a Pre 3 from Euro web store (AZERTY Model) in India. I am new to webOS and facing 2 major issues:

    1. I use Vodafone India sim and Pre3 is not connecting to internet (GPRS) with this sim. I tried manual entry of internet APN which gave me "E" icon on the top suggesting that connection is available but still cannot load any webpage. It says "Error 110". To note - I obviously could not activate the handset with my Vodafone sim (as it would not connect to network) and finally used "Impostah" from WebOSQuickInstall-4.3.1 to activate the device. Also, to add, I tried using an Airtel India sim and internet just works fine with that!

    2a. The other problem is really very strange. Let me give some background info here first. Country code for India is "+91" followed by a city code "0xx" followed by a number "xxxxx...". Like anywhere else in the world, if I am dialing a local number in India, I do not prefix the country code i.e. i would either start with city code (if dialing to diff. city) or straight dial the number if in same city. Pre3 does not let me dial a number starting with just the city code eg 011-22332233. It says invalid number. I can dial the same number as +91-11-22332233. Problem is my contacts are not all stored with country code.

    2b. Another related problem with sms. I can not send an sms to a number without pre-fixing the country code "+91". In fact, if i try sending an sms to eg. 9988998899, Pre3 automatically puts "+0" before the number (i.e. +09988998899) & then the sms never goes!

    I would really appreciate some help here as I am not able to use my new phone because of these issue (no call, sms or internet)

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    Take a look at:


    We are dealing with the same issue.
    Merge in one thread would be good.
    Or a sticky perhaps?

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    Good news guys------

    1. Vodafone India issue sorted when subscribed to "Vodafone Mobile Connect" services. Pre3 works with "Vodafone Mobile Connect" only and not with "Vodafone Live!". - Thank you Sanjay for help here.

    2. Issue with dialing with country code and auto appending of +0 by Pre3 to sms numbers is also sorted after chat with Palm Care. Steps below:
    - Go to phone app > tap on top left corner of screen > tap "preferences & accounts" > switch off "international dialing" option. Now you do not need to put 0 or country code while dialing out a local number nor would your phone append +0 to outgoing sms numbers


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