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    I missed the pptp VPN option equal to the HP Touchpad 3.0.2 Version, and i don't know
    when the new Webos Version for the Pre3 with these Option comes.
    So here is my Way to make this running on the Pre3.
    !! Important Notice: You do it at your own risk !!

    1. Thanks to Team, please Donate them
    2. Compile UberKernelPre3 with ppp Support (I know ist hard, ask for an ipk Package) and install it on Pre3
    3. Copy /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/vpnframework/ from Hp Touchpad to the same Path on the Pre3.
    4. Make a Backup from the Folder /usr/palm/applications/ on the Pre3
    5. Copy /usr/palm/applications/ from HP Touchpad to the same Path on Pre3
    6. Reboot and Test

    [UPDATE]: too early happy, the installation of my own compiled UberKernel Pre3 ipk Package on a second device with the initial Webos Version fails with an error about md5sum check of additional *.ko files. It seems that the base source of Webos in a new device and the toolchain of webos-internals (which based on the Webos Doctored images from HP Palm) is different. My self compiled UberKernel Pre3 can be only installed on a first WebOS doctored Device... Sorry

    For who is brave, i share my ipk File, but i say it again : You do it at your own risk !!
    And a another Notice, the new vpn App from Touchpad is not optimized for Pre3, Profile Configuration are better in Landscape Mode...
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    Any way you can share the UberKernel ipk with the ppp support added in? I'd be a very happy camper with PPTP on my Pre3!
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    Fantastic — but is it possible to get this in some sort of distro form? Don't own a TouchPad so I have no way of pulling off.

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