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    I am an avid fan of WebOS and have been since the launch of the first Pre, though I'm not a heavy poster. The following issue is one I have yet to see discussed, however. Regardless of the cost difference, would an AT&T Pre3 provide a more enjoyable WebOS experience than a Verizon model? AT&T offers HSPA+ (Faux Gee) in many metropolitan areas, and also would allow for simultaneous data and voice. I am in no way a fan of AT&T, but had resigned myself to using their service as I thought it was the only way I could use a Pre3. I am currently on Verizon's network, but nearing the end of my contract. I have so far been thrilled with Verizon's service, coverage, and data speeds. However, with the emergence of the Verizon models, albeit limited and costly, I am forced to reconsider whether the AT&T model might actually provide better performance (mainly through higher data speeds), and an overall better experience. I would appreciate any input and thoughts on the matter, as I prepare to make my Pre3 purchase.
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    Hspa+ on at&t Is definitely faster than vzw 3g. But if you like vzw now, it will be just as fast as your current phone.
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    So speaking of this (and I posted it in a different forum)...has anyone actually gotten Verizon to activate the Pre 3 on their network?
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    Let's just put in this perspective. The max you'll get out of Verizon 3G (EVDO Rev. A) is around 1.2-1.4Mbps. Now with AT&T 3G/"faux"G, you'll get a max of about 5Mbps with 3G, and probably close to 10Mbps for "faux" G (depending on the handset/area). Verizon is much slower in terms of raw speed. Now if you're talking about LTE...
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    Well, obviously, the Verizon Pre3 is not LTE capable. I'm wondering if the difference in speed on AT&T is worth the potential decrease in network reliability and coverage? Having never used AT&T, I have only heard hearsay "horror" stories of dropped calls, poor call quality, and spotty coverage...
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    If data speeds are important to you, AT&T is better for you. If Verizon has better coverage and voice quality in your area, stick with Verizon. Here in LA, AT&T is pretty damned good for me.
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    Where I live out in the country, AT&T is not even an option. There is NO signal from AT&T here, its Verizon or nothing unfortunately. In large metro areas I am sure AT&T is fine, but not where I am.

    I am waiting and hoping there will be a Pre3 in my future.
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    I can't believe how much better internet speeds (and signal somehow (more bars in more places)) I'm getting in north metro Atlanta. I never saw anywhere near 5mbps on 3G with the pre plus or pre2. More like 1.5 if I'm lucky. Normally was about 700kbps. Now with the Pre3 I am consistently seeing 4mbps.

    Also take into account GSM phones have better battery life than CDMA (sometimes at the expense of better signal). AT&T Pre Plus was bad enough on battery, which I got to witness once again when I started using it again when I sold the Pre2 in anticipation for the 3. My brother and others I know on VERIZON have horrid battery life on their Plusses.

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