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    Howdy all,
    I have both of the aforementioned phones, and I don't know if its just a psychological thing, but the UK pre3's keyboard seems a little more clicky and the AT&T one a little more spongey.
    Has anyone else found that or am I just imagining things?

    Ps. I prefer the clickier UK one

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    I only have the AT&T, but I find it pleasantly clicky. Perhaps there are just differences from one Pre3 to the next, not necessarily any difference between UK and AT&T phones.
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    I brought this up in my post comparing the two here:

    I totally agree, the UK keyboard is definitely better and more "clicky" as you said.
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    Anyone can compare keyboard from German QWERTZ Pre 3 & AT&T? How they compare? I have plan to buy AT&T version if the price goes very low. For now I decided enjoy mine.

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    I don't have an Euro Pre, but I do find it softer than the Veer keyboard (which I LOVE), though it's still very pleasant compared to the Pre/Pre Plus one.
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    So the question is, could I swap the keyboards between the 2 phones?

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    Guess I'm glad I've never tried a UK Pre3. Maybe the keyboard is made to be like our floaty highway cruisers we have as cars.

    But after using the pre3 keyboard for a couple days I hated typing on the Pre2 I used to have.

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    I have both and they both feel exactly the same to me

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