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    I planning on pre 3 and want a good month to month service that is cheap.....suggestions?

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    I use H20 wireless. It uses att towers so you get great reception. It $60 month to month for unlimited talk, txt, and web. However, the internet is throttled down so you are not going to get super fast speeds, however it gets the job done.
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    T-Mobile. $30 per month.

    The only downside is the pre3's data connection on t-mobile is 2g EDGE only, no 3g or 4g. However I've found it works fine for the basic needs of e-mail, light web browsing, maps. Just have to be a little more patient. EDGE gives typical speeds of 400kbpbs (it's actually sometimes referred to as 2.5g, because it was a pre-3g upgrade from the basic GSM ~100kbps speeds).

    If you look at the $30 Monthly 4G plan at t-mobile, it says the data portion is 30MB. However that's 30MB of 4G data; the fine print says once you hit the data cap, they'll throttle you to 2G speeds for the rest of the month... well the Pre3 only gets 2G anyway, so as far as I'm concerned that's unlimited data. I imagine if I were to use multiple gigabytes every month, then t-mobile might notice and push me to a higher plan, but I'm a light mobile data user anyway, usually less than 100mb per month so I'm not worried. [THIS IS WRONG... the $30 Monthly 4G plan CAPS DATA AT 30MB. PERIOD. sorry if I led anyone astray]

    edit: snimaster and I are clearly assuming you're asking about US carriers. you should specify where you are.

    edit 2: it's possible I've misunderstood t-mobile's terms on the data plan. the 30mb limit may actually be a hard cap, with no data at all for the rest of the month. I've not reached it yet, but I'll report back when I do.

    edit 3: Yes, it turns out I was wrong. see this post:
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