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    I'm not really making a point, just voicing an opinion and interested in comments.

    I've got a Pre3 and I like it (at least I will when I get a replacement because mine's got a fault). But I don't kid myself. With HP out of the game the Pre3 is clearly a dead-end and I honestly can't see WebOS ever returning as a smartphone OS.

    As I see it the logical next step is going to be a Windows phone 7.5 or higher in about 12 months or so. And I was surprised to see this, because I thought the Pre3 was the only portrait slider!:

    Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Smartphone (QWERTY keyboard, 8GB) Deals, #VPRO-4650 - UK

    That said, Android 4.0 looks really interesting too. So what is is anyone else with a Pre3 thinking about the next move?
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    I think my next move is a Pre3.

    But seriously, the smartphone market moves so fast I think it is pointless to make plans for 12 months from now. Windows Phone 7 could be much more refined by then, or it might have been canceled as a failure. (More likely neither of those.) WebOS could be dead, or open source, or ported to an Android device by fans. Amazon could release phones based on the OS of the Kindle Fire after having great success with the Fire. Android might stop looking like it was designed by engineers. Samsung may take the world by storm with an updated Bada. Blackberry may actually get their act together with QNX. Who knows? Anything is possible. But should you count on any of the above scenarios? NO.

    That said, I did make a plan 12 months ago. For a Pre3. You can see how well that turned out.
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    Windows phone operating systems are the MOST HORRIBLE things ever. I'm sorry, if you like them, but they're so dull! They all look the same, there's nothing to change other than the tile layouts, and all the tiles look the same!

    For me, when webOS goes, I'll be back to Android. (I miss Android already)
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    I want to buy a 2nd pre3 as a backup since it will be a long time before another webOS phone is produced, that's if there is even a future for new webos phones...sigh.
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    All I can say is wow for my new Pre3. As a stock phone it does everything and more than I could have guessed. The thing is very responsive, fast and smooth. After I got it, I updated to the latest software and its just awesome. I am an average user with lots of knowledge after joining this site, but all I need is a phone that works with a few apps.

    To your question, I am not worried about a yr from now. I am a Sprint user who WISH I could have this phone on Sprint, so now I am just using the $25 a month plan and using my hotspot for data, just like I use on my toad. The phone is the real deal, but At&t nickle and dimming is unreal.
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    A year from now is a very long time in the smartphone world. And I've had the same thoughts. But trust me, you will have no idea what the state of the smartphone world will be like in that time. The technology we will see in 2012 is being worked on as we speak, and has been for some time.

    My bet is that by then, there will be talk of Win Phone 8. Depending on how the operating system goes, Microsoft will continue to iterate on Win Phone 7 until it and the operating system are one.

    Android will have implemented much of the vision that Mateas Duarte has been working on since he left Palm, and I'm certain that it will do very well.

    And Apple is going to release tomorrow a window of what will come in 2012. I'll have more to say after the iphone 5 is announced.

    But I'm going to throw something out there...

    You also may see your first Amazon WebOS phone.

    You heard it here first.

    When the rumours of Amazon buying Palm started, everyone talked about WebOS, but Palm also has some substantial cell/smart phone patents. Why buy it to do nothing with it?

    They may do their own device, or offer up the OS for free for other manufacturers. But my prediction, (and it's totally a pie in the sky, based on nothing prediction) is that Amazon will try and pull a google, and you may see an Amazon WebOS phone in late 2012 early 2013.


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