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    I'd really like to have extra space on the go, to store more movies and music without having to think twice about the limited space.
    I thought about maybe using this device:
    SYNCBOX Macally Peripherals
    to copy from USB Stick to the Pre3. and then move the files with Internalz...
    Do you think it will work? The only apparent limitation is noted:
    "Works with devices that support USB Mass Storage specification"
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    I am also thinking about the same, but with a simple USB memory stick (with an adapter or cable to connect it to my pre3). I think that the Pre it is indeed a very small computer, with a kind of Linux OS on it, and that therefore USB Master to recognize devices attached to it (instead of "slave", only to be recognized by other devices) can be possible. Of course, none at the same time: To read a USB stick, we use an App to switch it on. To return to "normal" USB behavier, we close the app. I think that there used to be something similar for old Palm devices with Palm OS.

    Of course, we need to be aware that external memories do need additional power (even if really small), and to listen to music or videos straight from it would drain our weak batteries even faster. But, perhaps, with an upcoming Mugen 3A Battery, this could make sense. And would broaden the WebOS possibilities a little bit more.

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