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    Just got my Pre3, i took the sim out of the iPhone4 (AT&T) and put it in the Pre3 using a card adapter. Voice works fine and it pick up the H+, however data doesn't work. Any idea's?

    Thanks, Matt
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    Just a hunch, but it may be because iPhone users are under a specific iPhone data plan and not just a generic smartphone data plan like for android phones. I will be switching from an iPhone 4 too, but I'll probably just go into the store so that they can give me a new sim card.
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    Interesting. Here in LA, I did the same thing, and data works perfect. I get about 8Mbps down too.
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    yea, it is strange. Everything was working fine before the 2.2.3 upgrade, as a I was able to register over 3g. The perform the ota upgrade i switched of to wifi. I tried a reboot, maybe i need to re seat the card.
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    Contact ATT and give them your IMEI number and have them provision the network to enable 4G. You will get an H+ icon instead of 3g when 4G is available.

    EDIT: Never mind the above. See the Doctor.
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    thanks. Everything is working now. It must have just been where i was, because now everything works fine. Now if i could just figure out how to get ride of all the contacts that AT&T creates.

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