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    Last night, I went in to an AT&T store to ask if they could provision my Pre 3 for H+ service. I took off the back of the phone and handed it to the sales person so that she could scan the bar code, since neither of us could read the tiny IMEI code.

    She held the phone in her hand and looked it over, and the conversation went like this...

    She: What phone is this?

    Me: It's a Pre 3. It's never going to be released.

    She: Hmm. Nice. It looks kind of like an i-phone.

    Me: Actually more like a Veer only bigger.

    At that point, I showed her the slide-out keyboard.

    She: Nice. It's like the i-phone and the Veer had an illegitimate child.

    I put the phone back together and booted it up.

    She: Can I see that again?

    She played with the phone for a few more minutes, and kept saying "nice."

    Postscript: I now have the H+ symbol on my phone pretty consistently, and data does feel significantly faster. And I still have the same unlimited data plan that I started with.
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    That is so funny and sad all at the same time. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your Pre3
    T3>TX>Sprint Centro>VZW Centro

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