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    I LOVE IT. It's like everything that was not so awesome about my Sprint Pre has been fixed.

    The bad:
    certain symbols display strangely on notifications (like quote marks or ampersands)
    I dislike the headers on the launcher pages - makes more sense on webOS 3 and with a bigger screen
    StretchyView <tm>
    the fact that the bigger display seems to have brought bigger fonts to the party - defaulting to a bigger font is not so bad if I can zoom either way
    notification area not as sensitive as 1.4.5 - ie if you tap it while it's still displaying the text, it won't launch messaging
    mine has an HP badge on the back from some reason, instead of Palm?

    The good:
    I don't care if it's officially 4G or not, it's FAST - 3 or 4 M/s down and 750k/s down in my tests
    the browser SCREAMS between the faster DL and processor
    it's curiously faster than the TouchPad for most of my usage
    everything looks and feels slick - like the other OSes

    Being on AT&T and having to pay attention to my data usage is taking some getting used to... here's my problem. My 3G icon (I know, I know, I'll call them tomorrow, I told them I wanted "4G") stays lit constantly. I'm not exaggerating. I mean if I don't have Wifi on, that 3G icon is lit. I don't think I've ever seen it be off. I'm wondering if maybe I didn't seat my SIM well or something. Think I'm going to take the phone apart again (*shudder* - another bad, though I get it) and reseat the SIM to try and fix it.
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    Two more bad: jumped off the cliff without looking, so I guess I lost all my pics on my Pre. Also, Mail Lists just flat out doesn't work. Which sucks, but I would have to recompose my poker list anyway.
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    Bump. Calling AT&T now. Reseated the SIM card and it still does the same thing. Anybody else seeing this behavior?
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    Talked to a guy in the tech support department who had owned both a Pre- and a Pre+... he reprovisioned me. Rebooting now to see if it worked, but apparently my house is not drenched in 4G. (I'm just hoping the 3G light goes out... between freeTether and other Wifi/airplane mode toggling I've done, it's been a lil bit quirky.)
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    Nope, 3G light still lit solid. Anybody know a good app to track data usage on AT&T?
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    As long as you are not using apps such as Pandora, You Tube, video streaming, you are not going use much data. Just because the 3G light is on does not mean your are using any data and also, checking email and things like that do not use that much data. When not on wifi just don't use the internet and after a few months you can get a feel of your data useage.
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    I use freeTether so I can get Internet to my Wifi TouchPad at work on my breaks, is the thing... have a huge Galaxy Online II addiction that needs constant feeding.
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    You can get a homebrew app that tracks both wifi and cellular data. I can't remember the name but it worked really well for me on my Pre minus. I just used it to track how much data I was using.
    UPdate: it is called NetStat
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewhime View Post
    Nope, 3G light still lit solid. Anybody know a good app to track data usage on AT&T?
    The fact the 3G symbol is lit just tells you that you have a 3G connection. It does not mean you are actually using data. You should be fine.

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