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    I have been struggling with the transfer of palm desktop calendar v4.2 events being transfered to the Pre3. Basically the dta wizard works fine for everything but the calendar in which i get nothing transfered.

    The log on the windows machine just pops up "tasks-" after it is finished and the pre3 after being ejected successfully stays on "syncing events 1 of 240" for days and never progresses.

    I have tried entering an event manually on the pre3 andit syncs to google calendar fine.
    Also entering an event manually into google calendar syncs with the pre3 correctly as well.

    I have also tried the dta wizard on an old pre+ and that displays the same behaviour as the pre 3 ie no events are present in the calendar.

    So I guess there is something wrong with the transfer but it shows no errors thus where do i go from here?

    thanks for your time

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    Running WebOS v2.24 on HPalm Pre3

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