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    i have no idea if this is a bug on my pre3 or not but when i'm removing the accounts, the contacts synchornized through this accounts were not deleted from my contact/adress book.
    Meanhwile i have entries 2 or 3 times for the same people and looking for a chance to delete all entries manually.

    However, i had no chance to do so, only to remove one entry after the other which is a mess by having about 200 contacts. and this 2 times per entry while having 3 entries of an profile.

    Did i overlooked the feature to cleanup the contacts or is there any way to do so via homebrew ?

    I have to find a way to completely clean my contact list without doctoring the pre 3 and syncing one time afterwards with my Exchange contact folder.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I just finished a online chat with HP about duplicate contacts and not being able to get rid of them. They ended up having me do a partial erase of my Pre+ and TP but my Pre+ got stuck during the restart so I get to doctor it.

    There are a few other posts regarding contact problems such as yours, from deleting them one by one to doing a reset like I ended up having to do.

    I hope your outcome is much easier and less frustrating.
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    synergy is one of the key features of WebOS and a big advantage against competitors but it needs to work and easy to handle.
    I was so impressed when starting first time adding my Exchange profile.

    Looking to the duplicate entries now and chaos in my contact list ... i would say it is a bug because they explicitly warning you that all data related to your account is erased. But as we see, this is not the case as my contacts are still existing AND additional profiles

    I will be added by readding the account the synchronizing again.

    I will ask for a homebrew patch in homebrew forum and still hoping anyone is able to post a fix here.
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    Found a slightly faster way. I first removed all the accounts from my phone... That just left contacts stored on phone.
    Then I started linking them all together.
    After they were all linked, I just deleted that one contact and had to confirm delete just once.
    Till something faster comes along!
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    We really need something like the old "dedup" program from PalmOS days...
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