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    Quote Originally Posted by darth_luigi View Post
    Hi Jason,
    I have an AT&T Preł in Australia. I have just downloaded your app and the compass just points where it wants.
    I know normal a normal compass need to be calibrated for different regions of the earth.
    Is this stuffing with the app or will your 1.0.1 update fix it?
    The 1.0.1 update fixes that needle issue. The digital numeric value should be correct as it is currently though. Unfortunately v1.0.1 still hasn't yet been approved by Palm, but hopefully will be soon
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    I wish I had an actual compass to compare the two with, but it's kind of crazy how different my Touchpad (using the free Compass HD app) and my Pre3 (using Jason's free app) are. I tend to think that the Touchpad one is much more accurate though, based on rough estimates with Google Maps and knowing the area I'm in (and I'm using 1.0.1 already).
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    If I rotate the phone slowly, the needle does not point in the same direction. The Touchpad compass is better, but still not perfect. They are usable for pointing out the general direction, but nothing more precise.
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