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    I'll start by saying that the only "smart phone" I've ever used for personal use was made by Apple. Yesterday I bought a Pre 3 on ebay. The phone has been unlocked by the seller and wi-fi activated. I do have a grandfathered ATT contract with unlimited data.
    Since my IPhone is using mini-simm card using that is out of question. I do have an old Blackberry out of service that was provided by work that comes with a SIMM card branded ATT 3G. About a year ago my old Blackberry was replaced by a Blackery Curve that came with its own Simm card. My questions are:
    Can I use the old BB's SIMM card in my new PRE 3?
    Should I expect any problems when activating the Pre3 with the said SIMM.. this would be my main concern.
    What happens if I pull the SIMM card from the working BB and insert it in my Pre3? I'm asking because the work provided BB has unlimited data as well but I can't tethere it or install any programs on the said BB because IT locked it somehow and anything needed to show on the BB is pushed by them.
    Both BB's were activated on ATT network as well
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    it should work, but you will only get 3g. The phone is capable of H+ if you have a SIM card that can handle it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    it should work, but you will only get 3g. The phone is capable of H+ if you have a SIM card that can handle it.
    thank you for your answer...So if I go to the local ATT store would they sell me such a SIM card no question asked?My main concern is not losing my unlimited data plan that ATT doesn't offer anymore
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    I'm not on at&t, so you will have to ask at&t
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    You're probably not going to know until you go in, but I got a new SIM card for free, no questions asked. I just said that I was moving to a different phone and wanted to transfer the SIM, and they grabbed a new card and did some typing.

    Other potential option-- there's apparently an adapter that you can get for the mini-SIM to use it in a normal phone. If your iPhone SIM does everything you want, you can try to find the adapter and use that. But, as mentioned, probably no 4G.
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    There is basically no difference between a regular sim card and micro sim, except the size. You can cut a regular sim card to emulate a microsim for use with appleware, no limitations. You can also get an adapter for your microsim to make it larger and use it for other phones. Shouldn't cost more than a couple of doughlars.. And simcard and phones are in no way connected as that you cannot replace or switch between cards.
    Except for:
    1. You have a blackberry contract, which has a special data contract.
    2. You have a different out of the ordinary type of contract allowing you only on a specific device, highly unlikely, but for example a special discounted sim only contract for iPhone use.

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    What about using a Sprint/Nextel sim card?

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